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In the News – Cloud Computing

Today, with high-speed broadband connections to the Internet becoming more commonplace, both at home and in the office, cloud computing and Web services have become a practical and economical option for even the smallest business.

Many companies have moved a significant portion of their operations into the cloud in one form or another. For some organizations, this means they do not need to purchase and maintain a full suite of desktop software licenses / installation / configuration setup / updates / upgrades for every computer in their organization.

Often, there are employee positions within a company that only require access to basic word processing documents, basic spreadsheets, PDF documents and email — on a particular computer workstation — in these cases, using a web-based solution like Google Apps / Google Docs / Gmail can make a lot of sense.

Using web-based applications for users and computers that do not require traditional desktop client applications can save you time and money. Web-based applications are kept up-to-date and maintained by the service provider — and there are no complicated licensing requirements to worry about.

The bottom line, with todays faster computers and broadband connections, wherever appropriate, it now makes good business sense to take advantage of the cost savings the cloud offers. 

The key is to properly identify which tasks and functions of your business can leverage and benefit from cloud computing. It may make sense to move some of your business functions to the cloud, while keeping other functions in-house. Every business is different and each company unique in at least some of its requirements.

Deploying an appropriate mix of traditional in-house desktop software applications and onsite hardware — side-by-side with Web applications and cloud-based services — can help your company leverage the advantages and cost savings of cloud computing (i.e., automated remote online / offsite data storage, backup and redundancy; data syncing between desktop and Web applications; outsourcing of IT requirements and costs; and secure anywhere / anytime access to your data on any computer or mobile device) — without sacrificing the performance advantage of local offline desktop applications that require the speed advantage of a local processor, local storage and a full desktop user interface based workflow.

This mix can give you the peace of mind that you can take advantage of anywhere / anytime access to your data — while still being able to continue operations during an interruption in service.

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